Build of the Year Competition Winners of 2014

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Our first ever Build of the year (2014) was extremely close as people scrambled and fought for every vote. As always the community has surprised us with the votes, a perfect end to a great competition to conclude all of last years Build of the Month competitions. Congratulations to everyone on their amazing building skills and techniques, truly outstanding quality. A big thank you to all of those that have taken part over the year, this competition would not have been possible without your efforts. It’s always great to see the community pulling together.

I will look into getting some stickers printed and sent to all of those that have been lucky enough to enter BOTY competition.

Without further ado here are your winners of the 2014 Build of the Year Competition!

PirateCraft Build of the Year Competition Winners of 2014


PirateCrat Build of the year 2014 winner Crazy Pirate

Crazy Pirate

PirateCraft Build of the Year second place winner Azuries


PirateCraft Build of the year third place winner Bislo1


  • 1 month custom BOTY rank.
  • 2500 Claim Blocks
  • £2500 In-Game money
  • Complete custom set of enhanced Diamond tools & Armour
  • BOTY Winners Statue
  • Stack of Pirate Gold
  • 25 Emeralds
  • Cake
  • £500 In-Game Money
  • 1000 Claim Blocks
  • Custom set of enhanced Iron Armour.
  • Enchanted Diamond Sword
  • Half Stack of Gold
  • 10 Emeralds
  • Cake
  • £250 In-Game Money
  • 500 Claim Blocks
  • Custom set of enhanced Leather Armour
  • Enhanced Iron Sword
  • 5 Emeralds
  • Cake


Crazy Pirate’s Governor’s Mansion – July 2014

PirateCraft Build of the Year 2014 Winner, CrazyPirate.


Azuries Vault – December 2014

PirateCraft Build of the Year 2014 Runner Up, Azuries.


Bislo1’s /warp trade Town – October 2014

PirateCraft Build of the Year 2014 Third place runner up, Bislo1.

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We are sorry at how late this competition ended, But its better late than never! Fantastic entries all around. A quick reminder that anyone can submit builds to our Build of the Month competitions, no matter how big or small, and if you don’t want to submit coordinates publicly on the competition entry form you can reply to the competition entry form and Private Message SuperGL with the coordinates for your entry, but you must reply to the entry form!

The builds for 2015 look immense and we cannot wait to see how this years competitions unfold. All winners please seek out GodsDead for your prizes, for the runners up, do not give up! we hope to see you in 2015 BOTY.

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