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PirateCraft Minecraft Web Stats

Ahoy Mateys! Today I announce the new PirateCraft web stats interface. Since we moved over to the updated statistic tracking plugin we lost our old beloved WebStatsX, The replacement Web UI that came with the new plugin was absolutely terrible, so I took it upon myself to build our own  version, I call this Minecraft Web Stats. This is still in very early development, so feedback would be very much appreciated, I have added a “Feedback” button that appears on every page on the bottom left, this has the option to take a screenshot of the page if you encounter any strange errors, Some pages load very slow at present, I need to find a faster way to load external API calls.

Some New Features Includes

  • Fixed a multitude of bugs and back-end issues.
  • Cache system, Pages are Cached for 1 Hour at present.
  • 17 Themes, With Theme selector (Currently not working for unknown reasons).
  • Better URL system for usernames stats.piratemc.com/godsdead
  • Clickable 3D Player skin for UUID/ID/Skin Download URL
  • Displays History of username, Or if the username is now obtainable
  • Displays Global bans from other servers
  • Much prettier layout for all global stats, which is now the Dashboard
  • Newest player, Random Player & Online players displayed on Dashboard
  • Created an online page for quickly viewing who’s online, this page isn’t cached so data is live, Options are given under players Skins to link to their Punishment checker profile.
    This page loads well on mobile devices for a quick peek at who.s online.

How Can I Use it?

  • Direct Via stats.piratemc.com
  • From piratemc.com homepage Click an online player and this will load their stats profile inside piratemc.com
  • Click on the “stats” navigation bar from piratemc.com

Screenshots for v1.0 release

Written by GodsDead

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Written by GodsDead

The founder of PirateCraft, Administrator, Systems Operator, Peace keeper.

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Posted on March 22, 2015

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