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New Sign ShopSign_(Minecraft)

We have been trialling a new sign shop system over the last week, Previously if you wanted to run a rustic pirate shop you had to deal with [trade] signs, Learning the formatting for these signs which was a struggle for new shop owners, these trade signs could also store XP which could be confusing. We have far outgrown this old system and have moved to a fully fledged signshop system, now you can sell any item, with its own unique data values, mix items to sell kits, get alerted when someone buys from your shop and have physical items stored in chests for a more realistic merchant system.

Trade signs were initially turned on as a basic form of Economy, since then entire towns have grown specifically for the purpose of being a trader, I never envisioned player-made shops getting to this size, so it was time to upgrade!

I have created a full detailed page on the website found under the information navigation tab that includes detailed help for building your own signshop, Shops & Exp Storage.

I will be removing the old [trade] signs this Saturday the 7th March, so make sure you have emptied them before this date! I have been pre-warning for the last 2 weeks and there has been a message in the /motd that displays each time you log in, so no excuses!

What does not work with shops? At present there seems to be an issue selling Booze brewed, This is because each “potion” of Liqueur brewed stores its unique information into a database that cannot be read by the shops plugin.
Banners do not seem to work well with shops either at present, data is lost in selling process.

Storing Experience has been moved from signs into its own separate plugin.

Storing Experience

Experience will no longer be able to be stored in signs, Don’t worry we haven’t removed experiencing storage, we have just changed the method! You will be able to store experience in empty bottles making them into experience bottles with /bottle.

This costs 1xp per storage bottle, with each bottle holding 19xp.

Full information can be found on the Shops & Experience Storage page.

Grief Prevention

Players can no longer /sethome in claims they do not have trust in, This comes with the latest update that allows us to prevent commands being used in claims without trust, I have also disabled /top for donators in claims they don’t have trust.

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Posted on March 3, 2015


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