Build Of The Year 2014

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This is the crowning competition you have all been waiting for, PirateCraft Build of the Year 2014. All winners throughout PirateCraft Build of the Month’s 2014 have been entered into this BOTY competition.

This is the big one, The one you have been fighting and building for, there has been blood, sweat, tears and drama getting this far, so who doesn’t make the cut? Who will be crowned King or Queen Builder for PirateCraft 2014?

We have some mega Pirate prizes lined up for the Build of the Year winners.

PirateCraft Build of the Year Competition 2014

Feast your shrimp eyes on these grand prizes.

  •  1 month custom BOTY rank.
  • 2500 Claim Blocks
  • £2500 In-Game money
  • Complete custom set of enhanced Diamond tools & Armour
  • BOTY Winners Statue
  • Stack of Pirate Gold
  • 25 Emeralds
  • Cake
  • £500 In-Game Money
  • 500 Claim Blocks
  • Custom set of enhanced Iron Armour.
  • Enchanted Diamond Sword
  • Half Stack of Gold
  • 10 Emeralds
  • Cake
  • £250 In-Game Money
  • 250 Claim Blocks
  • Custom set of enhanced Leather Armour
  • Enhanced Iron Sword
  • 5 Emeralds
  • Cake


The Nominee’s


tiat11’s Tree House – May 2014


Athenmos12’s Cathedral – June 2014


Crazy Pirate’s Governor’s Mansion – July 2014


Tim Huisman’s Pirate Ship – August 2014


Bislo1’s /warp trade Town – October 2014

Mgalbrai’s Castle – November 2014


Azuries Vault – December 2014

Voting will be fierce, So draw your swords, and let the battle commence!

Voting is now open!

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