December Build of the Month Winner

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Another tough competition for the competitors of December 2014 BOTM. Azuries (with a little help from @verihax) surpassed her competition whilst flying the Jolly Roger, taking first prize. Coming in at a close second place was Unic0rnjunk101. These builds are of exceptional quality and will stand their ground for BOTY competition.

1st Place

PirateCraft December 2014 BOTM Winner Azuries


2nd Place

PirateCraft December 2014 BOTM second place goes to Unic0rnjunk101


  • Prime spot on the header banner
  • 1250 Claim Blocks
  • £500 In-game
  • Unique BOTM diamond toolkit
  • A map icon in the new BOTM category
  • A personally baked cake form GodsDead
  • 500 Claim Blocks
  • £250 In-game
  • Unique BOTM iron toolkit
  • A personally baked cake form GodsDead

A great competition all-round with some fantastic entries, Sadly you wont be able to see the winning entry in-person as this is Azuries private vault, maybe offer her some cookies to have a look? As promised, the booty will be awarded to Azuries & Unic0rnjunk101 so go knocking on Godsdead & Iamthereaper89’s cabin door.

1st Place

Azuries, Vault


2nd Place

Unic0rnjunk101, Wither Castle

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This concludes December Build of the Month 2014, Thank you to all that have entered and to the community for voting. Superb builds all around.

All January’s BOTM entries have been put forward to February 2015 BOTM as one big double entry as we have fallen behind! Please submit your build locations via coordinates (/getpos) on SuperGL’s February BOTM competition forum thread, Ready to get screenshot’d!

Happy building Pirates!

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