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Bislo1 City Entry BOTM October 2014

There have been quite a few changes happen to the server recently and maybe the forum isn’t the best place to showcase changes, so this is an update post.

Lets start off with the recent crashes we have had, if you havent already there is an in-depth thread on the forums outlining everything what happened in detail, don’t worry we’re fixed now.

TLDR of the forum post: On November 30th we rolled back the world 24 hours, All crates were corrupted and contents lost.

To make up for these losses a free care pack is available to everyone (While stocks last! *) you can obtain this free pack from our freebie category on our donate page, or you can get to it in-game by using /donate > Clicking the cake > Clicking the cookie.

This free care pack includes:

  • 8 Stacks (64) of stonebrick 512 in total.
  • 1 Stack (64) of stonebrick cracked
  • 1 Stack (64) of stonebrick Mossy
  • 32 Iron Ingot
  • 5 Delicious rum cookies
  • 32 Cooked steak
  • 64 Oak Logs

* 1 per person, limited to 100.


Sailor > Carpenter Rank Requirements

  • Removed player kills from Sailor > Gunner, Replaced it with Items Crafted: 400
    Sailors will be required to craft 400 items in total now.
  • Carpenter > Gunner now needs 25 player kills

There is an open poll for thoughts on this;

[poll id=”26″]

Live Map

  • Updated skin server to new skin server
  • Removed health from showing, so people can’t be hunted for easy kills
  • Made heads smaller
  • Enabled the last 100 lines of chat to be scrolled
  • Set order priority for Staff & Donators, they should get pushed to the top of the players list now.
  • The map got moved to a new server, so we are having to re-generate it, this will take a long time, please be patient.

Vote Roulette

  • Changed  the location of the Jail for “GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL” for Vote Roulette to the /warp cove jail, cell 1, you can now go visit the unlucky pirate in their cell, and maybe favour them with some fire.. if you can make it there in 3 minutes! /vote for rewards.
  • Added “ZOMBIE PARTY”, Jail isn’t really a punishment, getting this unlucky roll will land you with a zombie party, put on your christmas hat!
  • Added “And On The 7th Day” Vote 7 days in a row or more and get an extra £10 added to your wallet, Kaaaa-Ching!
  • Added 10% chance you will win fly for 5 minutes.
  • Added 1% chance you will win a half a stack of diamonds!
  • Added Vote milestones:
    • Deckhand Milestone (30 votes) wins: £100
    • Cadet Milestone (60 votes) wins £200
    • Sailor Milestone (150 votes) wins £500
    • Carpenter Milestone (500 votes) wins £1000
    • Gunner Milestone (1000 votes) wins £2000
    • Boatswain Milestone (3000 votes) wins £5,000

World Borders

  • Main world border is back to 7000 after it got deleted
  • The End border is set to 3000
  • The Nether border is set to 5000

New Warps  & Nether Spawn

  • Created /warp nether for use by anyone at £15 per use.
  • Created /warp end for use by anyone at £15 per use.

Players have started on a spawn for the nether, feel free to start building a nether city! Maybe we should have a ship that can sail on lava?

Auto Rank tracking

We updated autorank, which enabled players to track their progress to the next /rank using /track #, just replace # with the id of the /rank progress you wish to track.

Better Turret Support

Movecraft was updated for better turret support, now you get error messages when building or piloting turrets, you can build turrets from sailor rank.


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Written by GodsDead

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Posted on December 2, 2014


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