Updated to 1.7.10 with 1.8 client hack, Includes recent updates

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Timhuisman August BOTM

Last night I updated the PirateCraft server to 1.7.10 spigot build that allows 1.8 clients to connect to the server. This is sadly not a version of 1.8, this is just a hack to allow 1.8 clients to connect to the server without having to downgrade, now any client from 1.7.2 – 1.8 will be able to connect to PirateCraft.

I have also updated a few more aspects of the server recently.

  • Movecraft was moved out of compatibility mode since we are now compatible with the latest version.
  • I created a new craft file “turret” this is for creating a subcraft on an existing ship to add turrets that can spin 360 degrees, This could be used for having a turntable cannon.
    This craft file is available to sailors+ and has already been put to use, The turret file is still a work in progress and needs to be added to the documentation.
    It can be controlled with a helm, and a remote sign which is also new, there is a subcraft rotate sign that is a better option but it is very buggy at present with no feedback.
  • All ships now can use any wood as their needed block, this includes half slabs and stairs.
  • New customizable death messages for PVP and PVE deaths, This gives us the option later to hold a competition to write death messages.
  • Arena kills are now recorded, so the player rank inside the arena works now, it’s no longer stuck at the same score, this plugin also comes with a few new commands, and allows us to create leader-board signs (Not tested yet).
    • /pvp
    • /pvp top [x] : show the top x highest rated players
    • /pvp vs [x records] : shows the last x records vs another player
    • /pvp vs [x records]: shows the records between player1 and player2
  • Work has begun on a method to generate & buy ships from the cove, They will be accessed via the cove docks and will cost in-game money, ready to be sailed out of the cove.

We have a lot of plans for future updates, please be patient. Recently I have been getting requests for things that are planned or have been requested already.
I cannot stress enough that if you need support, want to request a feature or report a bug to please use the Server Support Forum, Sending me messages in-game is overwhelming and nothing can be accomplished with the added bloat, Most senior players are able to answer 90% of the questions I get sent daily, please use them!

Im considering adding a points system for people that help the server run, by answering questions, reporting bugs etc. There seems to be too much emphasis on punishing naughty players, we should have a system to reward great players, I will open a forum thread for a discussion.

Competition catchup, Both open competitions have run a little over the end date, but don’t fear they have not been forgotten! I have chosen 1 ship already for the cove ship building competition, and need to see all entries before making the next winner.

Written by GodsDead

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Written by GodsDead

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Posted on September 9, 2014

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