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IronAR, I would just like to clear some stuff up.  Firstly, I never talked to Jeff, because for some reason they had me ignored idk.  So I was talking to that deckhand and I was gonna help the deckhand.  Secondly, I never initially stole gold/diamonds from them, and I don’t even know what you mean by “rebuild their base” because I never destroyed their base.  Thirdly, I never felt humiliated by a deckhand bc I always tped in naked lol.  Also, The sethome on the island was used, like I said, for defensive purposes only.  You know as well as I do that I was trying to help that deckie until they killed me, and after that not only did I stop using the sethome, (because now that they had killed me the sethome wouldn’t be defensive) but I did get mad at them over that.  I didn’t despawn any items, rather, I tried stealing them from a chest, (which I am greatly sorry for trying to do, and will never do in the future).  However like I said, no items we’re stolen nor despawned. However, like I said in my statement, I take full responsibility of what I tried to steal, and I will never do it again.  I welcome all punishment from the admins if they are inclined to give, but I swear I will never so such as any of this rule breaking again.

my sincere apologies,


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