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Google defines “quote” as a “repeat or copy of words from a text or speech written or spoken by another person” but I assure you that I did not quote you in my previous reply, I told you; “you said I was damaging the build team’s reputation and that it would be better if I wasn’t on the build team at all” which was the entire purpose of your argument in the first place.

You implied heavily many times in the original argument that “I was damaging the build team’s reputation” to state the actual phrase I put in my reply not the one you altered to fit your side of the story but you proclaim to quote me in your response. You saw me on the build team and immediately started disputing the reason I was there, saying, “you have no criteria for [builders]” and “he’s inactive, he shouldn’t be picked” for the build team. You could not display more shitty behaviour/disrespect if you tried and you basically say that I am a perfect example of minimal standards the build team has to offer for its builders which could not be further from the truth. You state I am a part of the staff team again when persistently I tell you I am not, I am a part of the build team, they are two different things. You continue to declare that it was Script, Index and I that were being hostile towards you when you started the argument with “why is he abuilder”, persisted with it even when we said, “stop annoying us”, and still attempted to continue when we had to get Taulov online, telling you to end it.

You miss the part in my response where I say that you went along the lines of it being better if I weren’t in the build team at all mainly because it’s blatantly obvious in your “edited_zhap_logs” that you did go along those lines, however, you argue over the fact that you went along the lines of myself damaging the build team’s reputation because you know that there is a slim chance of you winning this argument due to it being more obscure in your logs. May I repeat:  “you have no criteria for [builders]” and “he’s inactive, he shouldn’t be picked” for the build team. Furthermore, the irony when you tell me I’m rude and disrespectful is overwhelming, I most definitely told you to “shut up if you don’t know what you’re talking about” and precisely 3 1/2 minutes later you try to fake disgusting evidence to help prove you’re point with; “[We have] 300 files of ratrace being racist and rude towards other players”

It truly is pathetic how you’ve tried to cling to this argument, using everything you have to try to prove how terrible staff are again even when I’m not staff, and you still try to helplessly aid your point by continuing to state I’m a part of the staff team. It pains me to think that you’ll still try to prove me wrong in upcoming replies due to your stubbornness but I know you will still try. Please though don’t try to discredit staff for no reason again, it puts unneeded pressure on the staff team and they’ve already got a ton on their plate at the moment without your poisonous tongue lashing around.

Side Note: quotes have “quotation marks” around them

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