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Economy crash ? Zoom on how economy evaluate after 1.18 update

Economy started to stabilise on Piratecraft but what really changed ?

U aren’t a business man or just don’t look after prices in shops ? Don’t worry, I’ll make a short article about what changed and why.

Gold and Iron prices went and will go down : With 1.18 update, fortune is now applicable to copper, iron and gold ores. Therefore, with one stack of ore blocks u can get up to 2,5 stacks of ore. In economy when production raise up but demands rest the same : price goes down.

God sets are a big dilemma : Some players thought diamond god sets prices will may go down but in fact it may rest the same or go up a bit because u can easily upgrade ur diamond god set to Netherite and keep the enchants ! 

Netherite ingot : Of what I saw, Netherite ingot is sealed 500$ per piece and 100$ per scrap with isn’t that expensive in the end !

Emeralds : Emeralds were sold at 0.5 $ per piece but now it’s price doubled and can reach 1-2$ per piece ! If you have some emeralds, some shops are buying them for a nice price ! 

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