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David McGoat
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You can get banned from servers yes, not sure if Microsoft is banning people from Multiplayer fully right now on Java, but I would recommend not using this texturepack on here as it is against the rules.

Microsoft if you are banned from one of their games on your email you are banned from online Realms, host or join multiplayer games, or use the marketplace. On that email that is. This is Microsoft’s version of a VAC ban.

But no you will not get your Microsoft account banned for using something like that. You will get server banned from a lot of servers tho. I can not think of any texture packs that will get your account banned seeing how it does not break their TOS. It’s on a server level where you will get banned.

The only time I have seen someone getting banned is for taking over servers or exploiting the Minecraft client to controller something on someone else computer. Like the reason, this server is going to 1.17. People using the exploit with log4j that a found using it are getting all their Microsoft account and Minecraft account banned.


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