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Hi Zhaphod

The ‘Monkey’ sword/naming something monkey is moderated on a case by case basis knowing that it is used for racism but also as a lowkey insult/meme. We’re not punishing the whole community, but rather moderating it in context.

The context here is that you’ve been attacking, harassing, targeting and ignoring staff in an increasing amount over the last few weeks. I’m concerned with your behaviour towards the staff team in chat. This isn’t new either – You changed your name to Creatingwithass, been banned in July for chat related issues and as of this post have 20 mutes, 5 of which have occurred between October and November.

As for ‘Kass and clay bad’: there is a few rules for that.

  • Bypassing mute by saying a message via a sword name
  • Contesting punishment/insulting staff

Honestly for all the crap you’ve put the team through I’m surprised you’re not permanently banned. Consider this your last warning. Behave.

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