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Your first two month ban was by Eisen for: Staff impersonation and continuing to create unneeded drama after previous punishment was overturned. Nowhere in this ban did it say that you did not comply with your probation. Yes, it mentions it, because it is relevant to the context, but it does not break what we agreed upon.

Before this 8 week ban, you were permanently muted, appealing twice before being unmuted. It appears that you were also punished for abusing /helpop. Before that, you were lockered no more than 5 times and have a total of 25 mutes over a year. 

The permanent ban was voted on by the moderation team after taking your entire context into account – not just your ‘probationary’ period. We decided that you would be permanently banned after looking at your punishment tracker as a whole. This was not a mistake or a punishment that can be considered excessive or unfair, but one that you have earned after over a year of chances.

I do not think an unban and permanent mute would help you. You mentioned in a previous unmute appeal that: ‘my perm mute has become a nightmare’ – Why would you continue playing when you have already experienced what it is like?


And to your poll: How are we to know that this is biased or not? Is this your friends? Someone just voting over and over? It tells me nothing other than the people who support you and are friends with you want you back.

Ultimately the team who decides your punishment does not want you back on the server. Denied

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