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My current rank should be gunner. The bug started when I ranked up from carpenter to gunner but im still listed as carpenter. When I type /rank or /rankup it says the following:
(in blue) There are multiple ranking paths, please choose one with (in red) ‘/ar choose’.
(in green) You can always change later if you want, but you’ll lose your progress.
(in blue) To check what each path looks like, use (in red) ‘/ar view’
(in yellow) You can see a list of paths with ‘(in red) /ar view list’.
If I type /ar view list it says i can choose three paths: Boatswain, Firstmate, and Quartermaster. If I type /ar view and any of those it says
(in green) You can preview requirements (reqs), prerequisites (prereqs) or results (res) of this path.
(in orange) To view these, perform (in blue) /ar view reqs/prereqs/res and whatever path I put.
Those commands let me see what requirements like block placed I need for the ranks, previous ranks, and the rewards but I can never use /ar choose. They all say I don’t meet the prereqs. The prereq of boatswain is gunner (which I should be) and the others require the ones before it.

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