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I kinda agree about not being able to TP into the claim under seige. Historically, most attacking armies had to set up two defensive rings while conducting a siege. one towards the castle, and one to stop reinforcements/supplies from getting through. Being able to lock down a claim kind of follows that spirit.

Does it work the otherway? ie. one of the attackers sneaks into the fort then TP’s his squad in. That’ll take a few less Inv pots and chorus fruits, and leaves out the chance of “Decky Pyle” giving away the approach because he needed a touch to light his cigg or something. Personally I’d rather have Decky Pyle stumbling in.

I think those are separate plug-ins. seige, tp, claim & sethome. Do they talk to each other? If so, might I suggest that sethome’s be in claims. Then we could run around with a stick to see if there were any 9×9 claims from someone setting up an ambush for us for when we log in next.

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