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First of all I’d clarify that I’m in no way involved in this situation but I feel like point out a few things since I’m concerned by the current state of the server.

Don’t just talk trash, do something, and apparently I’m “poor” lol. I don’t understand? If I’m so “poor” why do people like Nationalistic, and Capper, and everyone at ROME, have to pull up on me? If I’m so poor, then what would you get out of me? Wooden tools? Atleast I got a frosty sword and extra armor. I wouldn’t be surprised if the captains set a home in my base, Griffu, zackbackon, cosmictaco. I also would like to say some people on pirate craft have the biggest mouth, Nationalistic, Capper, Morph, PhenixyFlame. I’ve never seen so much negativity before. I mean everyone has issues, but don’t smear it in other peoples faces.

I’ve never bashed you for being “poor”, and even then, if you can’t take such a weak insult on a minecraft server then I suggest you to play something else. Besides that, the whole point of this server is being a pirate, pirates raided and looted so what’s wrong with that? You’re asking why would I raid you if you’re so poor? Well, it’s fun and since /siege is absolutely terrible at the moment as in it won’t let you raid people with some sort of experience on the server because all you need is a 10×10 claim or higher surrounded by stone walls to be pretty much siege proof.

if possiblw, you should go back through your chat logs and screenshots to find proof of these occurences. if you go through chat logs you can find timestamps of when the sieges occurred, who died, when, and to whom.

This wouldn’t be evidence as chat longs can be tinkered.

I personally don’t like how Rome uses harassments and threatening to get what they want. Its not cool when you send messed up messages or threats to players in private chat its bullying on another level

What’s up with everyone calling eachother “bullies” on minecraft? If someone is stronger than you and you don’t want to perish, get better at the game and fight back lol, or you can always quit the server. When I first joined I used to get raided on the daily by veteran players with better equipment and resources, did I ever cry like a kid on the forums? No, I just made my way to the top by getting better at the game, and that’s what everyone should do instead of giving staffers pointless hassles

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