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Khanye and Zackbacon are both pvpers and raiders it serves you right!

Give some get some its the way of the world.

I remember a time when you did that to me. Karma is a funny thing : }

I’m sure staff will handle it and maybe they wont find anything worth spending their time to fix.

I’m really sorry your feeling hurt or bullied.

Get use to it!

I got bullied on here lots of times and no one gave a fck. I’m kinda past the whole sympathetic thing for people like you. Wait until someone comes to your base blows up land all around you trolls you in discord and in private chat uses /sethomes to kill you and harass you multiple times.

You only play the sympathy card when it suits you and right now your forums report is pretty sad. It only says what another player said to you.

Nothing that will get them banned or temp banned. Zack is also a donator so staff will give him a warning probably and let him go.

Enjoy being harassed and bullied because it happens more than you realize to more people than you in your small world thinking about yourself!

Be a good boi and go cry someplace else!

Sincerely, Someone who doesn’t give 2 fcks!


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