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I personally don’t like how Rome uses harassments and threatening to get what they want. Its not cool when you send messed up messages or threats to players in private chat its bullying on another level. Sure you can say ha ha your loosing or things like that ,but taking as far as to threaten to come back everyday to a players claim to just siege them is harassment! I had it happen when Rome sieged me multiple times in 1 day.

Also the threatening and telling people to give you there base is not cool.

Also claiming land around another players base its not acceptable. You did this to Isen when you attacked and staff corrected you on the spot for that. I understand you removed the claim afterwards but setting a claim putting bedspawns and things of that nature to make a player feel bullied is taking it way to far and yall should be ashamed of yourselves.

In general your starting to get into hot water like you did with Isen.

If you just did a siege and then got stuff and then left people that would be fine but you use /backs into players bases and keep harassing them and using those same /backs to siege a player again is very uncool and a dick move.

I’m saying this from experience Rome doesn’t have the highest quality of people in it. You encourage camping harassment and other things that the game did not intend.

For example a leader in your crew Mojake used /sethomes to attack, kill, harass, siege, and grief Isens lands multiple times. Eventually staff found out and had him and his little dweeb friend banned. That serves them right. My only question is why would you allow players to do this. Its bad leadership on your Part Cosmic and Golden you are not exactly doing a great job of inspiring members to play the game fair.

Cheap shots and dirty tricks wont win you any friends. You will loose more and more. Its pretty well known that Rome and more specifically the 2 leaders Cosmic and Golden have big egos that feel the need to make everyone else feel down in the dumps.

As for glitching or other things not my area of experience.

Why you cant siege people and loose and then leave is beyond me. It seems you keep at it until A. you make the players being sieged feel depressed angry and or B. You do dick moves like Mass Griefing of land or Claiming land around other peoples bases just to mess with them.

As I said before you gonna have to change your ways or be forced to change.

“I don’t like bullies, I don’t care where there from” -Captain America


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