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Okay, so. Khanye had been a complete and utter asshole to me for several days prior to this incident, and there are dozens of witnesses and staff witnesses to back up that Khanye has shown continuous toxicity towards myself, and clearly was the one who instigated me saying this to him, as like everyone does, I also have a breaking point, and Khanye’s report shows nothing but him repeatedly being a toxic and rude player until he pushed me past my breaking point to which is where I said that singular response, then proceeded to /ignore Khanye while, from what I have heard from several players, he continued to go off in chat while I couldn’t even see his chat messages. (I DO have screenshots to prove I had him /ignored.)

There’s a lot of different witnesses that can be asked, but in this specific instance it would be SpikyCactus who should be looked to first, followed by reviews from other players proving Khanyes repeated toxicity and constant effort to piss me off so that he could try to make a twisted, falsified report like this one trying to get me punished for something that is nobody’s fault but his own.

This report is utter BS, and it doesn’t take a genius to see that.

Khanye’s own screenshot proves that he was being toxic and instigated my response before it even happened.

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