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/warp shop, is the only warp shop. It is located in the center of all the shops. This idea involves a total reconstruction of shops. This warp leads to 4 separate “communities” or sections, similar to what we used to have at /warp shop5, and each section is almost identical in terms of size and position. The reason for this is to encourage competition through pricing and stock, rather than position, without limiting the number of shops or increasing travel time. Each section consists of large-shops(15x15x15) and stalls(6x6x12) During set times, every 30 days, all of the shops in a section are automatically unrented, regardless of when the rent began. ie If someone rents an open shop a minute before the unrenting event, their shop is still unrented at the same time as everyone else. 5 minutes before the unrenting event, all shops are cleared. This is to prevent shop-owners from making walls around their shop plot. This event is to occur 4 times in that day, for each section of shops. Pros: Everyone has a fair chance of getting a shop, regardless of timezone. Shops are evenly spaced out, so it is fairer. We don’t have massive shops owned by a crew until the end of time. People are more likely to explore. Cons: (Maybe a pro) Its a competition of who can type in the command the fastest, but ping can play a role. Not too many shops. Lag from too many players?

This is a new idea that is good! I haven’t talked about it extensively, but you can see an update from my discord change-logs, but that /warp shop warp, I think you are right with having paths lead off to each of the markets, its common sense now you have said it!

I don’t know how many remember, but I originally had /warp shops in the castle, in front of a giant map, where you could click buttons and it would teleport you to the shop location, so there was no bias, I was asked to remove this.

So maybe we go back to what I originally had, move that warp shops to the center of the market, and have portals around it to each marketplace.

Then update/expand and add-onto the other markets, as well as imposing a technical change so people cant indefinitely rent a shop.

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