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I don’t understand why you have to jump into arguments that involve Rome when it has nothing to do with you and you don’t even know the whole story. With all due respect, shut up.

If I recall, we sieged and broke that dirt to try to find a way into the base below, in case there was some dirt that led down, we could have broken the dirt manually to cause less damage but it would have take an a lot longer to find a small dirt hole that went through (turns out the entire thing was blocked off with stone anyway). So, while maybe slightly too much, this is still necessary for us to get into the base, or try to get in at least. This is not blatant griefing for no reason just to piss someone off.

Second, if you look at Maxy’s response to another stupid accusation of griefing against us, made by DevilsMerchant (EnderSold), he writes: “If it can be fixed in a couple of hours, it’s not our problem.” The “griefing” on JelatinMold that you show in your screenshots, Stewie, can be fixed in a solid 2 minutes, and certainly within “a couple of hours”.

Vape since you wanted context here are the answers to your questions from ROME’s side of the story:
Katsumoto is in ISEN, we are in ROME, our crews are at war. This is a fact that is widely known and while technically we aren’t at “war”, only rivaled, using the SimpleClans plugin (This is because Vlad keeps denying our war requests), we are very much at war in terms of the game and we constantly attack each other. The reason we are at war is because when Minepixe, a former Roman member and traitor, left Rome to join Isen, keeping his claimed, unbuilt city right outside one of ours. So we told Vlad and Minepixe that if Minepixe doesn’t unclaim the city, we will go to war with them. This is after a few of their members including EnderSold, Acusa, CT, IronAR and a few others had been raiding us for days anyway.  This is definitely not the first time we have attacked Isen, we have attacked them many times.

Honestly, a lot of people are just jumping on ROME, always calling us the enemies and that we are wrong when they don’t know the whole story, cough cough stewie cough cough. I know we aren’t exactly the most likable crew but this report just makes it seem like ISEN is on a witch hunt, trying to get us banned because we raid them and they get butthurt. We know all about getting raided, ROME gets raided all the time by pvpers, we just deal with it and keep trying. Vlad, stop trying to go to staff to solve all your issues and deal with them yourself. Vlad has made 2 reports on griefing, both of them do not pass Maxy’s response: “If it can be fixed in a couple of hours, it’s not our problem.”

Stop this witch hunt Vlad just fight the war, don’t cry to staff because you know you will lose.

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