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Well first of all that wasn’t a raid. You did not siege any of my claims.

The only reason I noticed something was off was because nametags were appearing near my claim at the Isengard tower.

Well the harrasment charge still stands. I don’t appreciate you guys going out of your way to purposefully go to land around my claims and destroy it just because our crews are rivaled. This is childish and harrasment.

This end here and now or so help me god I will allow my members to go to your land and do to you exactly what you did to me and I will not hold back I will not say , no lets negotiate, no lets play nice. To hell with being nice to yall anymore.

Mojake came and killed me and another one of your membes. they also griefed and partially destroyed a ship I was working on.

Mojake said some Disgusting things calling my ship a terd among many things and he also said in Public chat

that Isen has worms like the worms in a dog from having xxxx with it. Im guess he is referring to the members who left Rome because they didn’t want to stay in that crew anymore.

Mojaks crew is directly allied to Rome and no one else.

You should choose your friends more wisely Rome cause im don’t trying to be a friend to you.

The Gloves are comming off if you dont stop this.

Sincerely, VladDracul.




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