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Okay, I feel like we (rome) get the right to defend ourselves here and assumptions cannot be made. No landclaims were made by Rome for raiding, we specifically took refuge in that fort to prepare for raiding and DIDN’T claim it, for this reason. Secondly, we used a singular cannon and were not griefing, we were trying to dig a trench/hole around the (abandoned, unclaimed) fort that we had setup in with the sole purpose for this trench being that we couldn’t claim it so we wanted to make it difficult to reach the building that our bed spawns were placed in during a raiding situation. We did not claim any of that land, and not to be rude but that is a blatant lie on Katsumoto’s behalf. We even specifically were talking among ourselves stating in crew chat multiple times that we were not claiming land, and were not going to be claiming land. I hope that in the event that staff pursue these accusations that they look for factual information, as Rome has plenty of evidence that proves we did not break any rules listed above by Katsumoto.

When Vlad says that we were all huddled near his tower, we were setting up a temporary base (WITHOUT SETHOMES) on an unclaimed, abandoned, stone brick building next to vlad’s base. We did not claim anything or break any server rules by doing this. Vlad says that we argued that “it wasn’t illegal because we claimed it,” he is dead wrong. We did not claim any land, nor did anything illegal occur, If it is necessary chat logs can be checked and prove that we at no point in time claimed anything, said it “wasn’t illegal because of claiming”, or broke any of the rules he accuses Rome of.

Thank you, please consider both sides and if necessary logs should tell the full story.


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