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also here is you calling me gay. As a young person who doesn’t know whether they are straight or not I feel very offended by this and it made me cry.

Ok buddy stop playing the victim card this was back when you and I were friends and we did send messages like this but the thing is this is not offensive to you unless you were inherently homophobic you would take offense to this but there is no proof to concede with that so therefore its invalid not to mention you are clearly lying about being offended as you said this [sure.jpg] its not inspect element as its clearly on my phone also, this is only as a defense to your attack as you are clearly avoiding the fact you ./backed and used homes for raiding and continued to batter deckies with vulgar language and then you dodge the claims by providing lackluster evidence and trying to dodge the main point YOU ARE PLAYING THE VICTIM CARD. Lets stop the debate here and leave it up for staff decision and let them side with who they feel is right.

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