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These claims are way to close to the roman settlements of Arie And Pathere, after you were kicked from the crew for attacking members and antagonizing deckhands in voice chat which many people witnessed first hand {minepixie wanted to quit because of your actions} You proceeded to /back and use set homes to raid the roman civilians and you attempted to be toxic and you proceeded to attack and harass Roman deckhands for 3 hours up to this point {around 9:30 Eastern Standard Time} Not to mention the countless hours that are expected after this post. after your flurry of attacks on the deckhands minding their business you verbally harassed deckhands in voice chat until you were banned due to your actions. Now lets take a look at “your docks” that are basically less than 50 blocks away from Arie and at most 200 from Pathere which can clearly be viewed from the map I was provided. You also decided to grief unclaimed land which is not illegal but it shows your malicious intent to provoke Romans and adds to your general toxicity. It was also brought to my attention you have gone after Romans IN REAL LIFE via social media to attack a member and try to hurt their public image and the actions you took may have serious affect on the members life and has lasting effects on their self esteem the name of who wont be disclosed but proof of the interaction is available [harrasment.png]. Ok lets get back to the point that you were harassing us there is definite proof that you will continue and illegally utilize set homes to attack and harass deckhands into quitting, this proof can be seen in [harrasment2.png] where he attempts to threaten us and extort us into accepting his terms. he also has spammed members of ROME with highly vulgar and offensive language that would make the average persons stomach churn from disgust! proof is provided in [disrespect.png2] where he spams the N-Slur multiple times which is vile and disgusting. He also referred to multiple people and clearly showing his misogyny and his toxicity which is unacceptable as its 2020 and not the 1800s and in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM should you refer to anyone with such hateful speech or such repulsive language and clearly discriminatory actions can be seen and [disrespect.png] and [disrespect2.png]. This is enough you then decide to suppose that I use drugs in a severely negative way to attempt to degrade and chip at my moral stature. the thing is there is no way that you have rightful-claims to that land that you repeatedly use to berate and batter the citizens of ROME over something as simple as a Block Game as your proceed to hire goons to attack us too. Your recent actions as vile and despicable and you should be the one facing punishment not the deckhands of ROME who would have to deal with constant attacks and annoyance if you are given the opportunity to claim the Docks that you claim are yours.

– sincerly Nitro [and all of ROMAN Deckies]

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