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Ok, these are some serious things that skeie has said and they are very appalling especially the first screenshot. I understand how the second one can be taken the wrong way but I dont think he meant it that way as he grew up in a different country than you he is polish and has just recently learned about western memes and insults. he has been pretty respectful in voice chats and not to be rude I believe that screenshot is faked as why bring up something from like a month ago that is a red flag. also the fact that he would be extremely sensitive to antisemitism the topic BECAUSE HE WAS RAISED IN POLAND WHERE SAYING STUFF ABOUT JEWISH PEOPLE IS HIGHLY FROWNED APON. Not to mention the vast amount of time of his education system teaching children that antisemitism is wrong, not to mention his grandfather was sent to Treblinka and is a survivor he was traumatized and would’ve taught skeie why not to think in that mindset and skeie has told me many stories of how his grandfather goes blank when he saw skeie studying holocaust history. You a playing the victim here like always, if you are going to edit a screenshot atleast change the date. I had a convo with skeie earlier today and the Memes he sent are normal memes mothers share on Facebook to empower teenagers and spread laughs. Yes one of the memes he posted was a tad bit edgy but right now its clear you dont like skeie and this is a pre mediated attack on him on an attempt to get him banned. The guy is polish having antisemitic views is highly frowned apon even more then in the US and Canada. I dont know your reasons for wanting to get him banned and if he did send you actually bad messages he should be punished but you cropped the screenshot if its even real to not give context. Ive posted some screenshots with full context to show a conversation I had with skeie earlier today and another thing is we dont even know what you said before that even if the screenshots were real.

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