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Hello again, Yes i know my profile pic is an egirl, I cant do anything about that I think? Idk how this works.  Made another account because I can’t figure out how to do forums, so this’ll be the account I use from now on.  Rip MysticTitan’s Forum account 2016-2019

These are always weird to write, especially now that i’m trying to be a more mature person when it comes to this stuff instead of writing just a simple “haha L” or “Lol” like astro does on unban appeals.  Well here goes nothing.

Bloated is Ga..

Just kidding, or am I?  Jokes aside,  there is a thing we like to call a second chance, and yes I do realize that he has been given his second chance already, although I personally feel this second chance came on a bit too soon as he was still in the process of growing as an individual.  As he is right now he does genuinely seem to be a better person than he was when he actively played here, regardless of what he did, rules he broke, or whatever he does seem quite a significant bit more mature.  I feel like this would be a perfect opportunity and chance to see if people can grow, mature, and be better than their old selves.  I remember myself a couple years back during the glorious days of 2016 when Hydra first raided my base, I tried to be mature about it, but I was genuinely pissed, said some nasty things and was overall quite an obnoxious kid.  Cocky, arrogant and generally just an asshole.  I’d like to think I’ve grown out of the asshole part of that, I still need to work on the other ones don’t worry.  Maybe he grew out of a bit of his messes as well during these past months.

I think a 3rd and absolute final chance would be just fine honestly, after talking to him a bit more and I got to realize his intentions with playing on PMC and hoping to come back.  He is going to be taking classes(I think? Music or something, what a weirdo :p) and working crazy amounts of hours to get stuff for his family and to put himself through said classes(Once again I think) and wants to come back on the good old PMC that he used to play on to hang out during the later hours and what down time he would be getting.  Hearing all of this I genuinely think he has become a bit of a better person from the stories of the big bad bloated we all know and despise.

Personally If he kept his behavior in check and became a model citizen of PMC, I think it would be a great opportunity to see if people perceived as nasty within the community can change.  I realize that he has wronged many people on the server and has been quite the awful person sometimes.  I completely understand a number of people not wanting to jump to have him unbanned, but I also believe that he has potential for quite the swing around when it comes to becoming quite the nice individual.

Plus, If he does not do this, and he proves some of our suspicious right, then theres always /ban and poof, gone for good.  I’d say lets give the guy a bit of a chance to be respectable, if he proves that he has changed, GREAT!  Another old member of the community coming back to our great server.  One step back in the wrong direction, and it’ll return to how it started, him gone.  Except after that, we will know he won’t change.



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Haha my profile pic is an Egirl, I know. I caNT FIx THAt

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