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Thank you for your appeal, we did expect you to make one eventually. But I’m not quite sure you fully understand why you were permanently banned?

First of all, your username.

Your ‘KKK’ name – KrayonKingKaiser – is not racist in itself. Inappropriate? Yes.

I don’t believe you are some white supremacist who wants to push your agender on here, but you and your friends nevertheless made use of the KKK name within your usernames as a shot of humor. A pretty bad joke, to be honest. I’m happy to see you acknowledge it as such. Anyone found with that name was originally tempbanned for 30 days and asked to change their usernames, the next morning I revised it down to just warnings and a /nick. Your username in itself is not what got you permbanned.

‘The other stuff’

You see – once Gods originally tempbanned you and your friends, we checked your logs and certain screenshots were found of you using plenty of racial slurs and wildly offensive jokes involving the holocaust for example. I don’t care if some of it came from a discord group intended for a crew – it was in a public chat, everyone saw it – we saw it. Didn’t exactly paint a good picture of you – and following Drifting’s perm ban you two chose to attack Gods in the ROME discord about it. You were perm banned shortly thereafter. Anyway moving on, that day was messy perhaps you would calm down the next day.

Following day we had Mystic announce he would be quitting, and the drama kicked off in the House Hlaalu discord. You and Drifting repeatedly slandered the server, attacked Gods, and were generally hostile. You claim you were then “sent a screenshot by someone” – we believe we know who it was but thats irrelevant here – of Gods ‘apparently’ saying something like “Ya’ll niggers” in discord. This ‘screenshot’ was fake obviously; we found the original message the person edited.

What did you do in this situation? You spammed it in that discord… and you sent it to plenty of people… and continued to become hostile, aggressive, slanderous, etc etc. I may not have been the target of the hatred, but attempting to frame the server owner as racist – or at least using racial slurs… AND it clearly being faked… AND then getting even more hostile at him and the server… AND enticing other people to join the hate train by sharing fake screenshots… combine all this with your chat logs, genuine offensive screenshots of your choice of language, punishment record, username, at times toxic personality… yeah not looking good here bud.

I’d like to quote Jolem, who posted this in the Hlaalu discord before ‘someone’ removed it; but it seems appropriate here:

“Godsy said that he doesn’t care what you do on your private server, by which he means it’s OK for you to write what you want on your server. However, he also owns runs a community/server and it is in his interest to keep things running as smoothly as possible. If there are people he knows which write certain things… it’s perfectly normal for a server owner to ban the people (regardless if they said the stuff on his community/server) just because he knows what they’re capable of.”

It’s therefore that we will be denying your appeal – its barely even been a month since this incident. Looking at your logs, and other things painted a picture of you – a picture that depicts someone we would not like in our community. If you eventually feel like you have changed and grown up, and wish to return, you are welcome to appeal again as usual. But for now, sorry isn’t good enough.

P.S. Shout out to your friends to tried to chime in here and make you look like a mature and well-behaved player; not sure how many of them actually knew what you did but nice of you guys to care for him. xx

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