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Thank you for your time and effort.


I see this is the kind of playerbase you guys want to have and promote. Ive waited too long and you kept me waiting for months for nothing.

My crew started the Valgardproject. It was more that just our crew. We had Lazy, Emiel, Steven and even people like Romich building and helping at some moment. We had so many people giving us materials and custom heads for this.

The concerned person got his hands on images where we drew our plans and tried to crash us since the very first minute with /tpa players to us because we decided not to let him build with us. Then he realised that his friends are shit in PvP and so he switched his plan into building boxes knowing that it would bother us.

Yet he calls me out for harassement.

Our claim is months other than his claim. Yet you allow him to stay there even when we reported this issue on the very first week. You let him continue and made him think that he is right. You have extended the deadling again and again and I have been quiet and patient. You dont even understand the problem. Its not the fact that its a box.

Dont you think I knew that you would come in the end with the argument  “oh now it looks fine case closed”?

Imagine what would have happened if I started to build a box next to Port Royal. I am sure that I would not have gotten 6 month to fix it. I would have gotten my claim deleted in seconds followed by some kind of extra punishement.

We never allowed him to build such a structure there. We have the proof of the conversations. He promised an “epic tower” which would fit in the environment. Not a dirthut with his bunker underneath.

Dont you realise that he could have gone EVERYWHERE else on the map and there wouldnt have been any complain from my side or from someone else. Why did he chose to build boxes right next to my city that had the potential to be something big? Why dont you think for like 30 seconds about that.

Yet you completely ignore every proof we have.

Yet I am harassing people.

Plus there is a more or less official rule saying boxes arent allowed ON TOP of that. I dont even know if its official and you dont know neither.

He literally breaks 3 out of 4 building rules.   BUILDING AND CLAIMING RULES ART1 a) ART 1c) and ART1d)

Yet I am harassing him.



Pashjn, not the staff permission abusing , once banned for advertising, illegal mods ,scamming and trapping superhero.


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