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Elo and Gods, I appreciate your prompt response to such a ridiculous situation. Elo, I was aware that there were killer eggs floating around from the event. I have sold a couple myself, and they are always marked with the word “killer” when you put your cursor over them. In other words, when you are in possession of one you know it. Furthermore, when I asked BeefisaFruit and bloatedhippo about the eggs they were about to sell me (this was on two separate occasions yesterday) they said that they had possession of regular rabbit eggs and I made it very clear to them that I didn’t want killer eggs. Sure enough, at the meet the eggs they dropped were the simple brown ones, and when I hovered my cursor over them they simply said “rabbit” without the killer attached. Every party agreed that these were in fact regular rabbit eggs. Bloatedhippo did warn me that there is a tiny chance that regulars could spawn as killers, but after the third egg, I knew something was wrong. Could there be a glitch right now that only allows the spawning or killer rabbits at this particular time? The two sellers knew what I was asking for and brought the right things, but for some reason regular rabbits did not spawn. Would there be any way to test this? Thanks again, and please, if anyone else has noticed this or experienced something similar or different, feel free to weigh in.




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