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Greetings OldDewd,

You were banned back in October for xray, and had been given a lengthy mute for disrespect towards staff and being rude. Purely under these grounds, the conditions would be met for you to return and be unbanned.

After the unban, you sought out the owner over his private Facebook account to seek a refund for the captain ranks you bought up-front. We made it clear that we do not refund purchases made upfront even if you are banned – that time will be lost. This has always been the policy – you can’t demand a refund for a season ticket for a theme park after being kicked out.

However, rather than approaching this in a civil manner, you chose an imperious approach. Hurling insults and threatening to sue us if you did not get your money back in an excessively aggressive tone – this was NOT needed. You demand respect yet you were incredibly rude towards us – something tells me that’s counterproductive. We chose to give you the full refund and spare you exhausting more energy from vigorous typing.

You have no business left here, goodbye.

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