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Hey Guys! I’m so sorry about this situation. The first time I did it I had permission from Lego and staff that the username wasn’t close enough that it wasn’t bannable. I didn’t even know Nitro and I just thought it was funny. I never encouraged a friend to do it as well. For the TacoJames part, I had no intent in copying Nitro, I was in discord and somebody was talking about tacos, and Nitro asked me to change my name earlier so I thought TacoJames would be good. When I logged on I saw nitro’s distraught and I immediately realized my mistake. I apologized numerous times and even went on the Java website and sent 5 requests to change my username (Hopefully they don’t hate me and will respond.) I will change this mistake in 28 days, and Nitro, just please know I was not trying to mock you. You’re a very respectable player and I like to friends, not enemies. Thanks -James

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