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Custom terrain work eh? Im not sure how good I would be at such things ,but perhaps I might try and dabble in it.

Between running a crew and building I find my time mostly taken by those things that occupy me.

I am happy to hear that a no tp weekend would be fair game. I am happy that you approve GodsDead. Perhaps this forums request as not fallen on deaf ears. It is good to know players support it. My question would be thou.

Is it a simple thing to do? To turn off pvp like flipping a switch or is it a bit more complicated than that?

I would suggest that perhaps we try it for this coming weekend. I am not sure if that is feasible, but it would be most interesting or perhaps not. I’m sure we would need to take some time to inform the other players of this change for a weekend. We would  not wish to destress these other players. God knows how they might take it without a fair advanced notice. Mabey thou a surprise no tp weekend is just the thing we need to kick off a wonderful time.

Sincerely VladDracul


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