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With the good comes the bad not saying this is bad but also I am getting replies on discord with players who have not yet made a piratecraf account. So I posted this in fairness so that we also know not everyone agrees. It is good to get other points of view.

This is from a player called Surprime.

datetime=”1556120854844″>Today at 9:47 AM</time></h2>
Im just gonna give u feedback here since I don’t have a account there yet…
Teleports are Very useful at this point in the game.. it would have worked or been fun if it would have been without tps from the start, because then players would have build really big cities close to each other like London… now removing tpd would make life very hard for me especially getting help by friends that don’t want to be forced to sail for a solid 15 min minimum.. I think we know that warps homes and cove shouldn’t be removed, but redesigning the tp functions better in a way that if u want a frens to come over and want to to them to your house you will be close to him and then have a point of which u both can tp to your home etc. This would take 30 sec to tp you and then you would be there donators maybe 15 sec…



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