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Hello all, recently I was attacked by a ton of people on the server, CosmicKingTaco, Zackbacon, NitroDaTaco and Dohtig (in game names) decided to flood the entire city and cause substantial damage to my city. Then while trying to mediate/prevent this grieving, I was attacked, killed and sieged multiple times over the course of 2 hours. My efforts to screenshot the damage was obstructed by Decsain and Cappur after this, despite making my intentions clear.

Screenshots below:

I’m sorry this happened Toxic, I’ve been trying to cleanup cosmic and nitro’s mess. I fixed the wall of water for you so now I will work on getting rid of that river. (I was only there to kill Prowil for the bounty but then it turned into a big fight, but I didn’t grief.)


Prepare for the worst, Hope for the best.

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