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Blu Pearson
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First off I want to say thanks for making a pleasant and respectful appeal and not being a butt head. That is refreshing.

I will say the same thing I told your friend. The anti cheat flagged you as for xraying. Emjeils and I both went to watch you in spectate to verify the flag and get video. We both observed you finish mining a vein of diamond ore as we arrived then proceed to look around and go directly to the next vein of diamond ore across the way. Then another quick look around and you mined directly to a third vein of diamond ore. Which was more than enough to swing the ban hammer. I asked you what you were doing while you were on your way to a fourth patch o’ daimonds, you paniced and tp’ed home to ditch your loot and I banned you at that time.

You will find I am fair, generous and easy to get along with but I am also firm and dont swing the hammer without being very sure of my accusation. In this case it was a clear violation of the rule below. There are occasions if  the staff member feels they want to get screens of your f3 or resource folders etc… but it isnt necessary or required for a staff member to execute a disciplinary action.

Heres a link to a more in depth look at the rules you should have read upon joining the server with the specific one you broke pulled out and quoted 

“No hacking, cheating or exploiting glitches.
No client mod(s) Do not use any minecraft client modification (Apart from Optifine)
If you find an exploitable glitch, contact a staff member

Another pretty clear one. Just dont do it. There are many ways staff has to know whether someone is hacking, cheating, xraying, or glitching. Staff has no obligation to give any warning prior to handing out the disciplinary action for these violations. On occasion players will get asked for n f3, resource folder, and other screens but this is not a prerequisite for disciplinary action but a courtesy or as an extra step in evidence gathering.”

Bottom line is you used a resource pack or another means to see/know where diamonds where with the intent of mining them easily and thus by all accounts breaking the server rules. The punishment for xray is at least 6 months. Be thankful thats all as it was a permanent ban until just last year.

If you insist on maintaining the lie of you didnt do anything and were wrongly accused and start drama the 6 months will become permanent.

Im sure your a good kid and I know it sucks to not be able to play with your friends, but if you cant do the time dont do the crime. 😀

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