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First off:

I apologize for the late nature. Connection issues, miscommunication, ( and managing to get screenshots compiled from two different people ) took me a while. At the time of this, it was April 6th – my time – and has since shifted to after midnight, now the 7th.

Someone brought it to my attention that server time had already reached the 7th, way ahead of my timing… I truly hope you’ll still accept this, considering it says after the 7th. (?)

Here’s a small compilation of the Qatir Temple, and the Sacred Mountain of Verussia. ( I’ll add another album when connections improve! )

VER Mountain & Ruins

Nestled within a valley, protected by the large mystical mountains of Verussia, lies the fallen temple of the Lost. The once pristine temple since ruined and abandoned – thought to have existed prior to the mountains themselves – void of human life. 

ProWil (formerly Wilson Manzer),
General Secretariat of The Papal State
PirateCraft Veteran, circa 2015.

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