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I haven’t heard of a glitch like this before occurring on this server or any server (unless if hacks were involved), and have never had the problem of people being able smash down iron doors I was behind.

I know a lot of people tend to put blocks and gates in front of their doors/vaults as a further security measure, in case they forgot to shut the door.

You haven’t stated directly that you’ve seen this occur on PirateCraft in any instance, and only have inferred that this glitch could be possibly exploited on this server or has been. You also have made the accusation that some of the more pvp active players may have taken advantage of this glitch, which if it existed, would have more than likely been reported or talked about, especially if this can be recreated on other servers- of which I can find little to NO evidence of this occurring.

What would be a great follow up is if you could recreate this on the server, this is because if it IS this server which is being affected and that it can be recreated, then the staff will begin to know how to deal with it.

It would be a shame however that a glitch like that would cause you to leave the game entirely, especially if it could be remedied.

Until you can recreate this OR anyone else can, with the same conditions you were showed (as well as being showed other conditions) then this would really help Gods, Creeprr and everyone else to get to the root of the problem.

Thanks for bringing this up, and I hope you put precautions in just incase this glitch does in fact work/happen on this server.


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