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Let me explain. I don’t mean to spam a lot, I get into conversations but the auto spam plug in thing as you said “recognizes the same words in each sentence” or something like that. Thing is either I forget to say a . After the sentence that had a similar word or wherever I say welcome back to multiple people it gives me the spam warning and then later on I get a spam kick for trying to explain 1 thing to 1 of my members becuase sometimes people need to be told the same thing Many times over in order to remember it thus my spam record. As for discord, I had an account in there originally (Cosmic; doggo) and then when I forgot my email I made a second account (CosmicKing; Patrick looking down) then when my second account became more active than my (2 months older) first account I decided to stick to it and when I came back to piratecraft after my 2 month long rage quit I put my second account there. I don’t really spam discord all I do is what everyone else does, I have a conversation that hopefully lasts for a minute or two but then me and the other guy get into a 1 hour long debate about thanos car. This is my explination I hope it was not too long; thank you for your time and consideration I guess I’ll wait to hear from you again, CosmicKing.

The hell are you on about, you absolute deluded nut job. you have 17 autobans for constant spamming, it TELLS YOU to stop spamming TWICE before it gives you a kick to tell you to stop the ludicrous amount spam. You literally have to spam the same things over and over within seconds to even get the first warning, the fact you are ignoring these messages and continuing to get yourself kicked SEVENTEEN TIMES its literally insane.

No, the reason we have spam prevention is for people like you.

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