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Let me explain.

I don’t mean to spam a lot, I get into conversations but the auto spam plug in thing as you said “recognizes the same words in each sentence” or something like that. Thing is either I forget to say a . After the sentence that had a similar word or wherever I say welcome back to multiple people it gives me the spam warning and then later on I get a spam kick for trying to explain 1 thing to 1 of my members becuase sometimes people need to be told the same thing Many times over in order to remember it thus my spam record.

As for discord,

I had an account in there originally (Cosmic; doggo) and then when I forgot my email I made a second account (CosmicKing; Patrick looking down) then when my second account became more active than my (2 months older) first account I decided to stick to it and when I came back to piratecraft after my 2 month long rage quit I put my second account there.

I don’t really spam discord all I do is what everyone else does, I have a conversation that hopefully lasts for a minute or two but then me and the other guy get into a 1 hour long debate about thanos car.

This is my explination I hope it was not too long; thank you for your time and consideration I guess I’ll wait to hear from you again, CosmicKing.


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