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Things I found out so far: – Moving a ship even one block will create water inside the ship below the sea level (see attachment). – When using the golden hoe or CRUISE to move the ship, one will one will fall off the ship eventually (player movement doesnt match ship – see attachment, tested in dhow). That is also true when ascending or descending a sub (tested in Barracuda & Seawolf). – using [helm] sign can push you into a block. – ‘/cruise west/north/south/east’ command error – No Permission. Follow link for demonstration – Baz

Came to the same conclusion last night, Thanks for the gif baz, I have attached this to the bug report.

Bugs I figured out and was able to

  • Theres a major bug where unless you are OP, you just get thrown off the ship, it will just leave you behind, whats annoying as this dousnt happen on the test server! So im thinking it must be a plugin we use on the main server and not on the test.
    • Back to the test server!
    • I disabled all the checks in the anti cheat, but it did the same thing, I have added the anti cheat to the test srever to see if it is this causing it.
  • I will report the sea-level water bug now!
  • The helm sign may be part of the not moving you properly bug.
  • /Cruise changed, you just need to face the direction and itll cruise in that direction (I will check if perms were added for manual cruise comamnds)


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