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This is a repeat: for some reason what I wrote before is not showing up for me, so I am reposting it:

Orange, Even though you are reporting a /back abuse incident, you may have gone about it in an improper manor.  1st:  using “L” as Detailed Information is not helpful to this case.  Maybe you should have Included “At 8:20 EST ComradeRex used /back after dying to pvp combat” Instead of Just “L” because the description you used, was not very informative.  2nd: As well as “Reason for Report” Maybe you should have said “He ABUSED the /back command” not just “he backed.”  Doing so may confuse staff members as to what the case is about.

Finally the biggest issue,

3rd: Your “Evidence” is just you typing out “{imgur/youtube/attachments}”

This is NOT evidence.  There is no Link to a video attached, there is no Screenshots attached, nor is there any evidence in the slightest attached, except for your use of saying “Check logs at 8:20 EST” In the overview.

PEOPLE IN THE FUTURE: Please make your reports DETAILED as to what happened because this is an example of what a report should not be.


PS: you also spelled his name wrong in the “Username” Portion, as well as you did not specify a UUID and did not put his punishment checker link where it is supposed to go.

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