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This is by design, You have you EARN teleporting. its part of ranking up, and is earned by just playing.

  • New players do not deserve or should even be able to spam players with teleport requests, at no point does an old player wants TPA requests from a noob that just joined.
  • You have to earn your permissions, this isn’t a “well done you spawned! have everything” type deal, earn your perks mate, if this is too hard to just play, go elsewhere.
  • You can easily bypass ranking with /donate, you can either earn you /rank or you can donate for it to support the server (if you are lazy). Its basic progression. Either we get decent players or contribution to keep us going, were not looking for lazy people that want everything on request (play single player creative mate).

This is a survival.

If you expect everything as soon as you spawn, you can’t survive piratecraft, very basic rules to set of conditions to remove the weak whiny players, this is what give us a strong community.

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