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No issue my end as sailor/not op/gm 0, so I can only assume your /home is set in a place where you can die somehow, trapped block or falling. Try re-setting your /home location. Sometimes people set a home, and do building work on their bases and forget to update their home location. Its usually fine if you have it set in a bad place and the chunks are still loaded as it finds a safe spot, but if you are out at sea and the chunks have unloaded it has to teleport you and if its set bad, it could kill you. Edit Answer: when checking with nick, his home was set INSIDE a block and he had a ping of over 3500! His spawn room was filled with fence posts so there was only 1 safe location to TP too a bit of water, so hes trying to teleport himself into a block (good job) and its trying to fix this mistake by moving him to the nearest safe block, the only safe locaton is a 2×1 hole with water in it, but since half of it is taken by water this must be confusing the plugin as its not going to try and teleport you into water is it? Answer, MOVE YOUR HOME.

I can confirm with jammin that this is indeed a problem. I reported it this past summer to you in game and I believe you said that I didn’t need to put it on the forums. You looked into it on the spot and confirmed that I indeed was dying upon teleporting whilst on an entity. Around that time the server was crashing a lot and when you looked at the console you saw that when I died it triggered something similar (or the same? I don’t fully remember) to what was crashing the server.

My ping is consistently very low (many people can confirm) and my homes are all in completely open areas directly on top of the ground, not in any blocks.

In conclusion, this is an actual issue, not user error.

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