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I didn’t betray my crew.


I have the utmost respect for both crew and freinds, in SHREK I learned that you don’t need a high IQ to understand that even though that Shrek has SPQR (my crew)rivaled it shouldn’t mean I can’t have any ties to them.


Maybe Vlad just maybe if You weren’t cocky not only could you have prevented Death_Jackels fall but you could have also befriended us, unfortunately you stick to your ego just liek Death_Jackel did.


You see Death_Jackel legimately wanted to plop a claim and raid base directly in between Verace and Scadus which are 2 Roman provinces, anyways he was going to use that to prevent our homeland expansion, I even have proof of this, I’ve been told by my crew multiple times to restrain from killing you Vlad but I guess it was only moments before the loose cannon fired and Death_Jackel slipped up then instead of formally fucking aplogizing you go on TS and try to cuss me out it’s only when I pull up the screens that you RageQuit with quote


“Fuck you CosmicKingShrek Fuck you!”


I laughed my ass off because then I knew my suspicions were right, you didn’t ally becuase you wanted to trade or communicate like allies should you just allies SPQR to stay safe from me.


Ill tell you this Vlad, if Death_Jackel got raided it was on his account, and you defending him just makes you more of an eyesore if you already weren’t one.


even more, you can expect me paying a visit to your land again and again…


Ave Roma!

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