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Well, I’d like to start off with the true facts of this story.

Mainly being I was the one who went there to attack to begin with and secondly Joshua_Jones was there too, Also “Griefed his land” bitch I had trust to all of those claims (Idk how I did but somehow I did.. xD) But he only untrusted me from the core of his base (His vault) but I had enough time to turn on claim explosions, So for the simpletons that may be viewing this that is how we raided and got in, So nice attempt to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

And to be fair Vlad who would want your crew or YOU as an ally..?, You just sit in your tower/cove and trash talk..

And thirdly Cosmic was the LEADER of TNRR and he had some co-leaders yes, But either way you cannot incriminate him for having friends in Shrek clan, I mean if you used your (Well you say you’re smart but Ima not get into that *cough*) brain you would’ve tried to befriend the Shreks too, But to be fair I’ve known Cosmic almost since I joined the server.

(Kinda off subject/Not really. But Vlad I’d say your trying to slander Cosmic on a forum to make him look bad and get him kicked from SPQR is a pretty d*ckless move, And if you don’t like what happened do something about it in game OR in other words take actions instead of using your mouth, I mean please I’d love for you to try and beat me to death with a g-pick and god armor!)

Also if you look at his base on the live map… It isn’t land around his base that is briefed it’s his damn base that was blown to hell.. xD

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