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Cysteen I could have taken logo off my land 6 months ago but didn’t becuase I wanted to give him time to move.

Then 2 months ago I tried to make a deal with him to buy Belfast and help him move, but the he tried to scam me which ended up failing for him.

Even when we were still in a crew I told him to back off my land and to not build there, funny thing about it is that he started building only after I started building so if he made an argument about building there first it wouldn’t matter.

and Jack he’s not my old crew leader, I never joined TFN I took it down in less than an hour upon joining and I remember it very well, TIE was then created and then that fell due to curroption and we were both leaders in TNRR, even after being a leader he kicked ging from the crew for no reason, and didn’t follow crew rules thus banned from TNRR.

I really hate it how when ging told me that LogoTrt deliberately built Belfeast just to piss me off, now I’m not sure if it’ll ever get removed but I can be certain of this…

Logo has killed, raided, and sieged me with that city as in teleporting to Belfast just to kill me along with MelonIsNotAFruit which violates the rules “If you a claim or home close to someone don’t use it to attack” I remember that very clearly from Lawzone, LogoTrt also got MelonIsNotAFruit to move in which is a New settler, his claim can be removed.

Now I’m willing to go down a nicer path, If  LogoTrt agrees with me to talk to godsy about moving his entire city somewhere else then that would be better.

If your asking why I’m not moving from there it’s becuase why should I get punished for something he did.


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