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I think the problem is that NEITHER of these unban requests show any bit of remorse from you, at no point in your appeals have you stated that you are sorry, the best was ‘you won’t do it again’.

Anyways, if the ban duration is 6 months, its no difference than permanent ban, goodbye fellows.

It seems to me that this ban has come across as a simple hindrance to your progress, usually when people make a 2nd appeal, it is often a last ditch, kiss up sort of thing, yours comes across as a ‘yeah, soz about that (but you don’t say you are sorry), you said 6 months Network? Neat, peace.’ It looks to me that you don’t care.

I admitted I have cheated for gametime and claimblocks,

would have appreciated if the punishment was demoting or some sort of sanctions

Its good you admit your faults, you’ve done wrong by the server and its playerbase. But as far as I’m concerned, you’ve been given a pretty damn good punishment, people with cheats often are banned permanently WITH little or no end of it in sight, luckily for you, you have not been a problem. We don’t care about whether you appreciate the punishment or not, a ban IS a sanction (argue please).

You don’t like said sanction, then it works to deter behaviour like this in future.

See you in whenever, good fellow. 😛

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