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Ok imma shut this down cause this is all kinda pointless. Orange clearly stated that he challenged ice to a 1.7 fight which is not offered on our server obviously as 1.7 combat is dumb. So you basically baited ice into suggesting a server to do it on, knowing he’d probably state it in main chat rather than a pm or discord message. Both of you have been warned for saying other server names before in chat, however we try to give you some slack as you both are consistent players on here. So tbh just go sit in the corner and stop talking to each other for a little while until you can hug it out and feel better about yourselves as individuals.

Uh so like I ain’t doing anything about this though so neither of you are happy or hurt. Like just go build a friendship fort together or something.

Also I fixed ice’s mean boi language your welcome.

Ok thx bye

Closed 😀

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