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Your account was banned by SmokeyRiver for having an alt account, I can extend the explanation for this to this forum topic:

Your alt account, which is Letsquirrel was allowed on the server after you talked to GodsDead, he allowed you to come back and banned your JoeyGames account.

However, (unbeknown to you,) you logged back in as Joey and tried connecting to the server, which triggered a subsequent IP ban. I believe in this forum topic it was lifted.

-You have however been named as one of many chargebacks, which can cause many legal problems for GodsDead, which I think were sorted out, I cannot tell.

When we look at Letsquirrel, your current perm ban on it was caused by breaking rules and a try at IP bypass, your account had also been warned twice, once for using an afk machine, the other bypassing an IP ban (you seem to have a habit for this) which was done via using a thread to talk to Gods.

You’ve also had a 3rd alt account, romsawyer, which is seen in the first topic i’ve linked.


The only thing going for you is if you handled the chargebacks, and whether if you can prove you’ve matured in the 2 or so years you’ve been denied access to the server. It’s ultimately GodsDead’s choice I believe. So I will tag him promptly to get this dealt with @GodsDead

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